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Restore Your Power with Emergency Electrical Services in Sandwich, MA

You expect lights to go on and appliances to start when you flip a switch or turn a knob. Unfortunately, electrical issues can occur without notice, leaving you in the dark or without access to power. Many times, a problem with your home’s wiring is the culprit. Restore your defective power system with emergency electrical services in Sandwich, MA.

Our experienced technicians at Fagnant Electric have the skills to handle your specific service needs. We can do new home wiring, electrical wiring installation that improves performance, and wiring that updates your home’s power system for a remodeling project. Our electrical technicians can also prevent outages by providing circuit breaker panel replacement and upgrades due to power surges.

We do not think that electrical installation and repair should have to drain your wallet. Our company focuses on providing quality home electrical services at affordable rates. We start with a free estimate so that you know upfront how much the work will cost.

You can rest assured that electrical power will be there when you want it when you hire us for installation and replacement projects. Reach out to us immediately when you need emergency electrical services.

   When it comes to the wiring in your house or facility, it can be an intricate array of connections that can make it extremely difficult to find the root of any electrical issues. That’s why Fagnant Electric is dedicated to offering the best electrical wiring services in Sandwich, MA. There are many areas on your property where you can access electricity, such as your yard, your house’s perimeter, and within your home. For this reason, you can rely on our expertise to handle any manner of electrical problems interfering with your daily life.   

   Our highly experienced team is reliable for electrical remodeling services when your circuitry needs an upgrade. This includes anything beyond the walls of your home, like motion floodlights and any outdoor lighting. It’s important to get lighting upgrades so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of having power beyond your home while staying safe. We’re well known for delivering top-quality services, such as:   

  • New Home Electrical Services
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fan Lighting Services
  • Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement & Upgrade Services 
  • Dimmer Services
  • Electrical Remodeling Services
  • Electrical Service Upgrade & Replacement Services
  • Fixture Replacement Services
  • Ground Lighting & Upgrade Services
  • LED Replacement Lighting Services
  • Motion Flood Lighting Upgrade Services
  • Addition Services
  • Remodeling & Updating Services
  • Reattaching & Replacing Downed Electrical Services (From Storm or Lightning Damage)
  • Recessed Lighting Services
  • Remodels
  • General Service Calls
  • Smoke & CO Detectors Services (New Installations, Upgrades, & Replacements - All to Code)
  • Spa Services
  • Swimming Pool Wiring Services

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